Thursday, May 21, 2009

Introducing my blog

I started a blog yesterday and it was going to have little deals and bargains and be somewhere for me to write about my day. I've decided to start a separate blog for each though as it would be too messy otherwise. So here is my day to day blog. I probably will write in it for a month max and then not be bothered with it again. We shall see.
So today we had good news. We finally received our tax rebate which is fantastic. I am getting a new laptop just for me which is exciting. We're also going to get a new television for the bedroom. The rest is up for discussion but hopefully we can use some to pay for a flight for me to go home later in the year. It would be nice to use some to pay off the credit card. That would probably be sensible. Of course I would also like some new clothes, books, cds, driving lessons, gadgets and stuff in general. I think we will probably have this money spent before it even clears.

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