Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My new netbook

I now own a Dell Mini 10v netbook. I haven't got it just yet but it's all paid for and should be with me by June 23rd.
I can't wait to get it because it is so cute and shiny. It can fit into my handbag which is so adorable.
I played around on one at Best Buy and I thought the screen would be too small but it isn't really and I can use it for everything I normally use the P.C. or laptop for.
I was thinking about a laptop because then you get to watch dvds and stuff but really it isn't necessary because we have a dvd player in the living one and now one in the bedroom and if we are going on a long car journey I can always use the laptop.
I would want to use itunes on the netbook so I had to check that it was capable of storing a good amount of music and is. Some reviews by other people say that they have got movies stored on it so it should be good for a fair amount of my favourite albums.
The best thing is that we upgraded to the bigger battery so it should last around seven hours or so rather than the two and a half hours with the smaller battery.


  1. I almost bought one of those for the little lass with my tax money earlier this year but I ended up upgrading an old computer instead. When the next computer dies in this house it will be replaced by one of those for sure though. Yay for cute little things!

  2. I will let you know how it is whenever I get it. The expected delivery date is June 23rd but maybe it will come before then.