Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spooky movie

I watched a movie on some random channel last night. I think the channel is called This but I could be wrong. The movie was called The Believers and it starred Martin Sheen.
The movie was right up my street as it was about a spooky old blood cult that used the religion Santeria as a cover (sort of). I don't know much about Santeria but it sounds like something I would be interested in reading about. I will have to look it up.
The movie was made in 1987 and of course the 80's feel to it made it even spookier.

Anyway, in the movie this spooky cult man put a curse on this woman by rubbing her powder compact. Then she got this spot on her cheek that grew and took up the whole side of her face. It started pulsing and she went you would...and I think she was going to kill herself but of course Martin Sheen came to her rescue and took her to hospital. Actually, I think there may have been a spider in her cheek as when Martin Sheen called the ambulance there was a big spider on the phone line.

Very spooky thing here...I have a spot on my cheek the same as the lady in the movie. I've had it for weeks and have done so well in not squeezing it. However, it isn't going away. Obviously this is because someone must have cursed me! So this morning I squeezed it. No spider came out or anything but I do feel better now I've done it and hopefully it will go now.

The movie never said what happened to the woman after she went into hospital. I wonder if she died.


  1. LOL omg I'm sorry but this is funny. I have heard of that movie but have never seen it. Are you excited for Halloween?! Do you have a dog costume yet? lol. I need to catch up on reading you. I wasn't allowed to ready anything when I was in training besides my own sites but I'm out of it now and trying to catch up :) Lyvia is really into coupons right now (not my doing at all btw!) so anything you have I guarantee we will use if we can. We have been using freecycle a lot lately as well.

  2. I'm not allowed to buy the dog a costume. Who knows, maybe I will make one, lol.
    Good for Lyvia on the coupons...ooh I read somewhere about coupons for toys and games. I will try and find where they were in case she would want any of the things.