Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today in Houston the weather forecast is...rain...rain...rain and then some more rain.
This morning was gloomy and grey and I loved it. It hasn't really brightened at all either.
To look at it reminds me of an English autumn day but of course it is still very warm here so going outside ruins the illusion completely.
I miss the damp and dreary weather of home.

There is such a thing as SAD syndrome - seasonal affective disorder or as some call it...the winter blues. Well, as with most things I have this arse about face and suffer from this during the summer. I just don't feel myself in the heat at all. I'm more alive in colder weather and much more productive. Plus I hate summer clothes. I prefer winter coats, jumpers, scarves, and of course winter hats.

During the two weeks of summer we would occasionally get in England I would just hibernate until it was finished. It's not my thing at all.

I'm hoping that I will eventually adjust because otherwise my life in Texas will be sheer hell. I have noticed a sort of change....I now find 80 degrees to be tolerable. It's not much of a change though as this weekend just gone we went to Traders Village and I got overheated and because I felt nauseous we had to leave. I feel bad because I ruin things and I try to suffer on but really there comes a point when I physically just can't tough it out any longer.
My husband tries to understand but he just can't. Having lived here for so long it is just normal for him and I guess he will never truly be able to empathise with me.

Anyway, today is the most pleasant looking day I have seen for a long time so I will keep the blinds wide open for the rest of the day just so I can enjoy it whilst it lasts.

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