Friday, July 3, 2009

I have sunburn

We have spent the past couple of days in the swimming pool as we have been babysitting and it has been a good way to occupy the kids.
I have been very good about using sunscreen but apparently not good enough. After spending 5 hours at the pool today I noticed when I got inside that I was rather red. As the evening wore on I was just getting redder and redder and after I had a shower I discovered white patches along the top of my arms. Obviously I had rubbed sunscreen in some places better than others. This is really annoying because it hurts a bit and we are supposed to be going out on a boat tomorrow so I will have to be really careful not to make it any worse. Then Monday we are going to a water park.
I am deathly white normally so any hint of sun on my skin is really obvious and I hate having red and white stripey skin. It looks so unladylike. Also, I have really freckly arms now and my forehead is covered too.
I can't wait until winter.


  1. you need to buy some aloe vera will really help any burning you have and it's very soothing. Allow me to find a coupon for you lol j/k. Sounds like you had a fun weekend though!

  2. lol I have some and I bought more yesterday so I can see which one is best - didn't even think to look for a coupon - how slack am I? I'm very pink and freckled but it's only one shoulder that is sore so I should be okay but I did buy sunscreen for kids just to be on the safe side.