Thursday, July 9, 2009

A really crap day

Wednesday July 8th 2009 - seriously crap day.
Just nothing went right. I felt like shit from the moment I got up and it just went downhill from there. I had been slacking on the housework stuff and had a mountain of laundry to do. Like you could not believe how much laundry two people can produce. So, I stuck the first load on and took the dog for a walk. I got back and had a cup of tea and watched some rubbish on telly and thought...oh I better get cracking and pop the next load in. So off I went to put the first lot of washing into the dryer and as I pulled my hand out I thought...shit, why is there so much water in here. The bloody washer had stopped mid cycle and wouldn't work. I was well hacked off. After half an hour of trying to fix it an huffing and puffing I gave up.
Something else broke. I can't remember what it was now but that annoyed me too. I was in a foul band and thinking back now I must have just sat stewing all day because it seemed to go from morning to afternoon very quickly.
Anyway, I just gave up on the day and decided to write it off, go back to bed and watch a dvd. Well, I couldn't get the flippin dvd player to work which just complimented the rest of the day really so I got a book (can't really break one of them can you?) and hibernated until dinner time.
Oh, the dvd player just wasn't connected to the telly because the netflix box was plugged in so later we watched The Unborn. It was good. The bit where the old dude and the dog had their heads on upside down...very freaky. They blatantly made the ending an opening for a sequel. It is so tacky when films do that. We know movie makers are all about the money but at least try and disguise your greed somewhat.

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