Monday, July 13, 2009

My almost runaway dog

We had a close call today. My dog likes to try to escape. It is what he does. He wants to break free into the great wide open. He is a totally pampered pooch though so I don't think he realises he hasn't got the wherewithal to survive without us. He is a really well behaved dog when he is inside but the moment he goes outdoors it is like another dog. He won't do anything other than what he wants to do hence the fact that he only ever gets off his leash at the dog park. Around here he just wouldn't come back if he was called. I'm really good about keeping a tight hold on his leash especially because he is a husky and therefore technically a "pulling" type dog but today ooooh it was a close one. I think he had thought out this elaborate escape plan and thought today was the day to give it a try. I had my hands full of mail and two (yes TWO) full poop bags and we were crossing the road when he suddenly pulled away. My hold on the leash was quite lax as he was totally faking being hot and pooped out (haha get it?). I'm not sure whether he realised he had gotten away or not but he started picking up his pace so I am thinking yes. You should have seen me move. I was good. I didn't want to run at him because then he would know he was free so I walked really fast behind him and then pounced. Yes, I really did pounce and stood on the end of his lease. It was so funny. He tried to make a run for it but couldn't. Hahahaha puppy you couldn't get away.

A couple of weeks ago there was a big dead dog by the side of the freeway and my husband jokingly suggested that we take our dog to show him what happens when naughty doggies run away. It was mildly amusing at the time but now I'm thinking we should have done it.


  1. damn dogs, when I was with ex#2 we had an australian shepard and one time he took her for a walk with LL to the park. They let her off the leash when they got to the park and she immediately took off and ran like hell through the neighborhood back home to me, LOL! I told him not to let her off the leash, duh but he wouldn't listen to me. So ya, I can definitely relate to your dog drama.

  2. Our dog is our baby so you would think he wouldn't want to run away since he gets so much attention here. He is so funny. If we go out for a long time he gets in a mood with us.
    Thank goodness your dog had the sense to run home. I think ours would just get all overwhelmed being out in the big bad world by himself.