Thursday, July 16, 2009

I must have been a horrible child...

...because there is a dead frog outside and I am fascinated with it. It has been there for days and today I felt compelled to take a picture of it. It is the best I can do seeing as it would be completely inappropriate for a grown up to pick up a dried flattened frog just to have a better look. I've seen squished frogs on the roadway a few times so it isn't uncommon but this one was massive.
I remember playing with bugs as a kid and I do remember crying after my snail collection ran away but that all faded after I hit the age of 8 or 9....or so I thought. Obviously I am posting a picture of it. Funny, it doesn't look so squished in this picture. I wish I could have got a picture of the blood splatter too because that would have made my picture a thousand times better but I guess there was some rain or perhaps the sprinklers washed it away.
I'm not particularly interested in gross things like this but I "felt a connection" lol. Oh well, lets hope the dead frog is happy now in froggy heaven.


  1. I started writing this and was denied...sorry if this double posts. Anyway, we used to get toads in our basement window sills. Some of them were babies trying to leap out but couldn't so they died in the windowsills and we found their stiff bodies in the Winter. This news probably doesn't comfort you at all, but happens here all the time. There are a ton of toads and toad babies around here. I'm sorry to say but it's the same thing with bunnies. When I actually had a house I used to try to save them all.

    Did you hear about that horrible teenager that put her roommate's kitten in the oven? I wrote a NASTY email to that girl who's in prison now. Ugh, I hate this World! I cried the minute I read that story, and then I cried again when I watched the latest episode of MTV's 16 and pregnant. This week has been hard for me....too much bad news at once. ugh

  2. eww i wouldn't be impressed if they were in my house. outside is fine but i do not want them getting in.

    why would someone put a poor little kitty in the oven? that is so messed up. someone should stick her in the oven.

  3. like I said, I cried all morning over it I was so upset. The littlest things get to me lately but especially when it involves animals...ugh, made me SICK! I got a few replies about my post regarding her and I couldn't even look at them b/c I knew it would bring up memories of the entire thing. Anyone that even thinks about hurting animals immediately goes straight to my shit list.

  4. I can't understand what motivates people to do things like that. Some people are just born wrong I guess.