Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trauma of the week

Guess what was outside the apartment building. A snake. Thankfully a dead snake but all the same a snake.
Now, before I moved here my husband told me that it was entirely possible I could live here in Texas and never even come across a snake. Well, he was quite obviously wrong. This is the second snake I have seen in a residential area. The first was a ribbon snake lying on the concrete at the end of someone's garden. I saw that one when I went for a walk. It was far enough away from where I live for me not to be too worried but still, it was a snake. This one though is a big one and it is right where I live. Scary.
Oh I also saw a big snake when we went to a park but noone lived there so that was sort of okay.
I'm not used to coming across these scary things anywhere other than in a zoo so it is a bit traumatic for me to find one on my doorstep (almost literally).
All I can say is thank god for the person who killed it because I might just have had a heart attack if it had been alive.
I'm not really one for killing big things (this counts as a big thing) but really it is a pest. Whilst I would love to be all...I could never harm a fly....the fact of the matter is I could. I squish bugs and spiders all the time but I don't know if I would have had it in me to squish this. Thank goodness I didn't have to find out.


  1. is that a stock picture, or the real snake?

  2. That is the actual snake in it's final resting place.
    After further investigation we discovered a bit of goo on the pathway. Someone must have come across it during the night and squished it's head and then tossed it into the area where it is now. I would have died if it had been me.

  3. it's ok, Samuel L. Jackson would have saved you...