Thursday, July 9, 2009

My first Independence Day

This past weekend was absolutely exhausting. This was my first Independence day so we were definitely going to do something. We were invited to spend the day on a boat which was a lot of fun. It was very hot and I was very sweaty - yuck - but we went swimming which was fun at times and scary at others. The fun bit was I had never swam far out from the shore before and I was very impressed with how brave I was. It was also lovely to get in the water to cool off. The scary bit was there were things in the water which you didn't really know what they were and you just hoped they were only fish. Near where we parked (moored? anchored?) the boat there were signs a way off saying there were alligators. Now I am only used to seeing alligators on the tv or in the zoo so this was very scary. I didn't see any though thank God. I did see some at a park a few months ago - very scary. They can eat people you know.
Anyway, it was a very nice day and we sat on the boat and watched fireworks.

Sunday was going to be my recover from babysitting do nothing day but we did end up going out. I can't remember why now but it was still quite a lazy day.

Monday we went to a water park. I have never been to one before so it was interesting in that respect. I thought they would have a normal swimming pool there along with the rides and stuff but they didn't. I highly recommend they get one. I went on a couple of rides and went on the floaty river thing a few times but it got really busy and people kept banging into me and bumping my sunburn so I got annoyed with it seeing as I am allergic to most people.
I had had enough by about 3pm so I just wanted to sit under the covered pavilion thing. Obviously I had way too much sun because I got heat stroke (or as my husband insists heat exhaustion). Finally we went home at about 5.30pm and I just conked out. I was sick and very tired.
Next time a trip to a water park is suggested I think I will pass. I've tried it once...didn't like it.

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