Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last night we had a lot of lightning. I hate thunder and lightning so of course I was terrified especially when our power went out. It was only off for a little while but after it came back on it went out again. This time when it came back the power to the bedroom didn't. Not fun since it was so hot.
We checked the circuit breaker thing and nothing had tripped. I was exhausted because we had stayed up til 4am the night before watching Dexter so I just went to sleep. The plan was to call the office today to get them to come fix it but this afternoon after doing a bit of searching online I wanted to have another go at fixing it myself. I had to wait until my husband got home though because although I thought I was going to be okay I didn't really want to mess with electricity without someone else being here in case I blew myself up or something and ended up lying paralyzed on the floor. I am extremely paranoid about getting injured because I don't have any medical insurance at the minute.
Anyway, I fixed the problem. GO ME!!! I unplugged every thing in the room then pressed a reset button really hard and flicked the trip switch again. It worked! I am amazing!
God I was (am) so proud of myself. I love messing and fiddling around with broken things but it is very rare that it ever pays off so yes I am extremely impressed with myself today.

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