Thursday, June 4, 2009

My brush with death

I hate ironing. Really hate it. However, since I am attempting to be a good wife I told my husband I would iron all his jeans. He has about 50 pairs so this is not just a case of ironing one pair so he can go out. Anyway, after delaying the task for pretty much the whole day I decided I needed to go do it and quick smart before he came home from work. So off I went. I had my ipod with me so I had something to distract me from the tedium that is ironing. Well, I listened to an entire Eagles of Death Metal album and had just started it again when I discovered I was on the final pair. Hurrah I thought to myself. Just then disaster struck. It was as if the entire ceiling was falling in on me. Everything around me seemed to be falling. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to explode out of my chest.

What was it that had caused this near tragedy? I thought. As I recovered myself and started to see clearly again I realised that I had been hanging all the ironed jeans on the shower railings and that, rather than being a handy hanging spot as I had thought, it was in fact a big mistake and it had collapsed bringing the shower curtain, jeans and all down with it.

So, rather than appearing to be a helpful wife when my husband walked through the door, he came home to find an extremely flustered woman doing battle with a curtain pole.

I might add though that all the ironing got done and shortly after the oven pinged to sound the arrival of dinner so I can't be all that bad really.

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