Monday, June 15, 2009

My busy Sunday

Saturday night my husband and I were playing a board game called Scene It. It was quite fun and then we got to the final stages of the game. The questions were going back and forth, back and forth, but we didn't know any answers so the game lasted until about 2am because we were so stuck. I thought for sure we would be lying in on Sunday morning but we got up pretty early so we decided to go out and get doughnuts for breakfast since I am in love with the maple glaze ones. We also popped into Walgreens so I could get my weekly bargains (see my other blog for more details). We got back and were just relaxing and deciding whether or not to go and watch jazz bands at Discovery Green. I thought it was too hot to sit outside so we looked up the weather on the internet. It was something like 98 degrees in Houston. Of course add on the heat index and it would have felt over 100. Galveston was a bit cooler at 89 degrees and of course there is a sea breeze there so off to the seaside we went!
We put our swimmers on, packed some towels and sunscreen and loaded some drinks into the cooler and just upped and went. It was a nice drive down there because it only takes about an hour. When we got there we took a little drive around because I have never been to The Strand area. Lots of the buildings have been destroyed by Hurricane Ike and it is pretty sad because they were lovely buildings. One of the buildings we drove past has a painted line marking how high the water came up and next time we go I will get a picture because it puts into perspective just how much damage would have been caused.
We saw a big cruise ship waiting to take people away on holiday and whilst I have never been the type of person who fancied a cruise I think I would consider changing my mind now. It just looked exciting.
We got to the beach and it was really nice. It was hot but there were a really strong breeze so it didn't feel overwhelming or anything.
The scariest thing was the sea gulls. I hate birds so I was terrified of them especially when people were feeding them scraps and then they all swooped down in their hundreds.
One pooped on my husband which was awful but funny. I know this is horrible to say but I was so glad it was him and not me. I was a bit scared after that that they would get me so I made sure to keep my hat on because I didn't want a poo head. A while later another one got him on his arm. Oh it was disgusting and extremely unfortunate. Luckily I have my mini emergency kit that has anti bacterial hand sanitizer.
After that we went into the sea for a bit. I was a bit cautious as I have a problem with getting my head dunked. I may go into details about that little problem in another post one day but not today. My husband was going really far out but I was a bit of a scaredy cat and wanted to stay really near the beach. I did go out for a bit though but things kept hitting my legs. Sometimes it was seaweed but other times I didn't know what it was....crabs, jellyfish, who knows what.
I did see a fish jumping out of the water right near us which was cool. I would probably have had a heart attack if it had touched me though.

We left about 5.30 and drove home. After we ate I filled in an application for a job. I haven't been able to work since I've been in the US but I have my permit and social security number now so it is about time I started looking. It took ages because my old CV / Resume wasn't completely up to date. My husband helped me a lot because there are little differences between English and American styles so I am very grateful to him for spending so much time on it for me. He is awesome.

All in all...a very busy Sunday.

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