Friday, June 5, 2009

Sweet Tomatoes

Yesterday was a really nice day. I had a very pleasant day and then in the evening went shopping. We went to The Galleria and I got free panties from Victoria's Secret (yay!). The Galleria is quite a nice shopping mall but most of the shops are way out of my price range. We walked though Neimen Marcus and even with their sale prices I wouldn't be able to buy anything.
We then went to Old Navy which is much more within my budget and I got a new dress.

For dinner we went to Sweet Tomatoes. Hahaha what an adventure it was getting there. My husband wrote down directions because we were going to a different one than we had been to before. It is apparently closer to us but considering my husband didn't look at the directions and just went with his gut we took a little bit longer than desired getting there. After I pulled out the directions we got there in oh I would say perhaps five minutes.
Sweet Tomatoes is a salad buffet and they have everythng you could possibly want. I was putting a little bit of this and a little bit of that on my plate and when I decided to look up and see how much was left there was an.....oh my goodness....moment when I realised my plate was going to be piled high. I never expected to be able to eat it all...but I did! And it was yummy!
They also have soups so of course I had chicken and vegetable (my favorite). They have all different types of breads and anyone that knows me knows that I am a bread fiend so I had a nice piece of rustic bread, two pieces of corn bread with real corn in it and some pepperoni bread.
They have baked potatoes as well but, as much as I wanted to, there is no way I could have eaten one. I believe they had some type of stir fry as well but it got to the point where I couldn't even look at anything else because I knew I would want it and wouldn't be able to manage it.
I did however manage a bit of dessert. My husband and I attempted to share a piece of lava cake but we only managed a couple of bites each. I did get a frozen yogurt though and had nuts and sprinkles on it mmmm mmmm.
It was funny watching other people. I saw this couple and they had like eight soup bowls on their table. Either they were making a soup bowl scuplture or they actually ate that much soup.

I was absolutely stuffed when we left. We had to pop into Walmart on the way back because the stupid shower pole thing fell down again so we had to get a new one. You get what you pay for I guess because the one we bought is not exactly classy looking but hopefully it will do the job.

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